• Banana Chocolate Overnight Oats

    Banana Chocolate Overnight Oats

    Our new breakfast go-to
  • Back to the (smooth) grind

    Back to the (smooth) grind

      Whew. First blog/recipe post in a minute!  A few of you have sent us videos of your kids trying our canned milk for the first time and it’s really super delightful to see. Out of respect for privacy, we...

  • Almond Milk Orange Chai

    Almond Milk Orange Chai

    The days are getting shorter and cooler....time for cozy warm drinks!  We love chai, and here's an extra special one -- great for a night at home or in the punchbowl at your holiday gathering.   Ingredients 8 oz sweetened almond milk 1...

  • Pumpkin Pie

    Pumpkin Pie

    Make all the people happy this Thanksgiving, because, this is like if pecan pie and pumpkin pie had a kid.  Two pies in one kinda-sorta? It's every bit as pppleasing (see what we did there?) as you might imagine.   INGREDIENTS pie...

  • Almond (milk) Custard

    Almond (milk) Custard

    Gather 'round; it's baking season!  Here's the first of a few dairy-free desserts we'll be sharing with y'all.  This recipe was adapted from The Spruce Eats & it is yummy.  Ingredients pie dough 3 large eggs2 1/3 c. sweetened almond milk3/4 c....

  • Maya's Orange Blossom Almond Milk Pudding

    Maya's Orange Blossom Almond Milk Pudding

    Our friend Maya, who gets an order of our golden almond milk every Monday, made this amazing Lebanese-inspired pudding.  So simple to make, yet so full of flavor. Orange Blossom Almond Milk Pudding Ingredients:2 c. Treehouse Golden Almond Milk1/4 c....

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