• Almond (milk) Custard

    Almond (milk) Custard

    Gather 'round; it's baking season!  Here's the first of a few dairy-free desserts we'll be sharing with y'all.  This recipe was adapted from The Spruce Eats & it is yummy.  Ingredients pie dough 3 large eggs2 1/3 c. sweetened almond milk3/4 c....

  • Maya's Orange Blossom Almond Milk Pudding

    Maya's Orange Blossom Almond Milk Pudding

    Our friend Maya, who gets an order of our golden almond milk every Monday, made this amazing Lebanese-inspired pudding.  So simple to make, yet so full of flavor. Orange Blossom Almond Milk Pudding Ingredients:2 c. Treehouse Golden Almond Milk1/4 c....

  • Peaches & Pecans Popsicles

    Peaches & Pecans Popsicles

    Liz at The Floating Kitchen made these peach & pecan popsicles with our Sweet Georgia Pecan Milk, and if we had to rate them based on looks alone, they'd get a A+++.  Peach season is waning down here in Georgia, but there's...

  • Lavender Nutmilk Punch

    Lavender Nutmilk Punch

    We're celebrating the first day of spring over here with this lavender almond milk punch.  Eek!  This is garnish-heavy, but even if you don't have time to track down edible flowers, it's still super refreshing -- just like those sunny...

  • Lavender Ramos Gin Fizz

    Lavender Ramos Gin Fizz

    It's 5 o'clock right here.  And it will be, somewhere, when you are reading this.  So, here's another one from our friends at 1821 Bitters & Old 4th Distillery The Lemon Ramos Gin Fizz Old 4th Distillery Gin + 1821 Lavender Sea Salt Syrup + Lemon +...

  • Nut Milk Cocktails with 1821 Bitters & Old 4th Distillery

    Nut Milk Cocktails with 1821 Bitters & Old 4th Distillery

    We had a jolly old time last week with our pals at 1821 Bitters & Old 4th Distillery.  Nic & Luna concocted some amazing nut milk cocktails for some Valentine's Day classes.  We'll be posting recipes from the class here.  Here's the first...

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