• Pecans gave us pralines, pie, and the world's best nutmilk — a nut that does it all.

    Conscious, plant-based goodness — in a can.

  • Rich, plant-based hydration

    Almonds could never.

  • Chocolate Pecanmilk

  • Original Pecanmilk

Made with the Supernut

  • So good

    These (pe)cans are made for savoring. Or chugging.

    Made with the best and simplest ingredients we could get our hands on, you'll see why the humble pecan makes the tastiest nut milk on the planet.

  • So good for you

    Pecans are chock-full of antioxidants (more than any other tree nut!), and heart-healthy fats.

    Blend this delight into your smoothie, add a splash to your morning coffee, or use it to replenish after a run.

  • So good for all of us

    Pecans are the only tree nut native to N. America, where they grow plentifully & with minimal environmental impact. 

    While you do your part, we try to do ours by using recyclable packaging & planting a tree with each order.

Nutty since 2015

Founded by two Atlanta women who love our home, we spent years making all kinds of fresh, plant-based milks from scratch, hand-delivering to our neighbors every week.

Countless nuts and jars later, we think we found a winner.

  • “Nut milks are everywhere these days, but the best comes from our friends at Treehouse Milk.”

    Hugh Acheson, The Chef & the Slow Cooker
  • “It's my favorite chocolate milk.”

    Eva, age 10
  • “Georgia is an arborist’s dream, the state is peppered with majestic pecan trees. It took the otherworldly vision of Treehouse Milk to turn all those nuts into liquid gold. Try this nutmilk and you’ll agree: it’s like imbibing a silky ribbon that touches the soul.”

    Scott M.
  • “The best milk on the planet”

    Peter B.
  • “We are big fans of Treehouse Milk pecan milk... it can put an instant smile on these kiddos’ faces - whether on morning cereal, an afternoon cup of tea or smoothie, or simply by the glass ...  We stopped drinking dairy a few years ago, but were less than enthused about the available alternatives.  So, of course, we were excited to learn about Treehouse milks and fell in love with the unique and slightly sweet taste of Pecan milk.  ”

    Angie F.
  • “Treehouse Naturals original pecanmilk is the perfect accompaniment to my morning routine. Just the hint of sweetness in the creamy drink makes me feel like I'm having a treat to kick off each day. During the holidays a couple of years ago, I discovered that pecanmilk pairs with bourbon to make an amazingly delicious creamy cocktail! Now, when I truly need to treat myself at the end of a long week, either the original or chocolate pecanmilk with some bourbon is a go-to refreshment”

    Sherry N.
  • “Amazing pecanmilk -- both the original and chocolate! My entire family loves it :) Delicious and healthy. Definitely recommend!!”

    Caroline F.
Pecanmilk: It's how you say plant-based with a Southern accent
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