• Plant-based hydration. Rich and premium nutmilk made with clean ingredients, pecans, fair-trade cocoa, and agave.  Great for post-workout, with coffee, tea, in smoothies, or chugged when you want a healthy treat.  Keto-friendly and vegan.
  • 4-pack Sampler

4-pack Sampler

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Can't commit to just one kind, want to try them both, or to have a few options on hand?  This is for you.

Get two 7.5oz cans of Original Pecanmilk and two 7.5oz cans of Chocolate Pecanmilk, delivered to your door.  Check out our other product pages for details and nutritional information on each.

We plant a tree with every order through Eden Reforestation Projects

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexandra D.

Chocolate and Original are delicious

Richard H.

Great pick me up in the late afternoon 😎

Tom W
Great new tastes!

Have tried both the original pecan and chocolate pecan milk - both are tasty, rich flavors and the convenience of the can is great. Personally I prefer the chocolate pecan - great mid-day snack.

Scott M
A Refreshing Refresh

I’ve loved Treehouse Milk from the beginning and while I wondered if the new cans could match the fresh taste of the old glass jars, I found myself more than surprised upon the first sip! These still provide that creamy, rich flavor and work great as mixers or straight from the can!

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