By Shop Treehouse Milk Admin

Lavender Nutmilk Punch


We're celebrating the first day of spring over here with this lavender almond milk punch.  Eek!  This is garnish-heavy, but even if you don't have time to track down edible flowers, it's still super refreshing -- just like those sunny afternoons and brighter evenings we've been waiting all winter for. 

1.5 oz whiskey
3 oz almond milk
1 T simple
Dash of lavender extract
Edible flowers
1 rosemary sprig
Dash of bitters

1. Shake whiskey, almond milk, extract, and simple in a shaker for 15 seconds.
2. Pour into glass and add ice.
3. Garnish with flowers, bitters, and rosemary

*Makes 1 cocktail


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