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Almond Oat Banana Matcha Smoothie

The go-to summer smoothie

Almond Oat Banana Matcha

We've been so busy lately that we haven't gotten recipes up on the blog as often as we'd like.  But here's one that should make up for the radio-silence -- my favorite smoothie -- the almond oat banana matcha smoothie.  Between the almonds, oats, banana, and matcha, there's all kinds of good antioxidants and fiber an potassium to get you through those long, hot summer afternoons.  I even add some whey protein powder sometimes if I need an extra boost. Let me know what you think!  -Bess

1 c. Treehouse Almond Oat Milk
½ frozen banana
½ tsp matcha powder
1 tsp honey or agave

Adjust amounts and/or add ice to for a thicker consistency as desired.  Add to blender, blend, and enjoy.

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