By Bess Weyandt

Treehouse Pecanmilk: Your Go-To Recovery Drink



Hello there, bad*** athletes, yogis, couch potatoes and humans. We get it - recovery is the name of the game, whether you're hitting the gym, running, just staying active, or need something to simply make it til the end of the work day. While there's a whole bunch of fancy recovery drinks out there, we've got a secret weapon for you: pecanmilk. Here, we'll break down why this stuff is the bee's knees when it comes to a top-notch recovery drink or afternoon pick-me-up.

The Nutty Nutrition:

Our pecanmilk is the real deal because it's made from the mighty pecan. These nuts are not only yummy but also loaded with all the good stuff your body craves. We're talking healthy fats, protein, and fiber. These are the nutrients your body needs to recharge, fix those muscle tissues, and soothe those post-workout aches and pains.

Good Fats for Endurance:

Pecans are the champions of healthy fats. They're packed with monounsaturated fats that give you a steady, long-lasting energy boost. No more sugar crashes here. Our pecanmilk keeps you on an even keel, helping you recover without the energy rollercoaster you get with those overly-sugary alternatives.

Nature's Rehydration Buddy:

Ever heard of electrolytes? Of course you have. They're the peeps responsible for keeping you hydrated and your muscles working smoothly. Treehouse Pecanmilk is the cool kid in class because it's got natural electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These help you rehydrate and get back to it.

Protein Power:

Your muscles need protein for that post-workout TLC. Our pecanmilk packs a decent punch in the protein department, making it a solid choice for recovery, especially if you're into the plant-based gig.

Antioxidant Action:

Pecans come with an army of antioxidants, including the mighty vitamin E. These baddies battle the oxidative stress and inflammation brought on by exercise, giving you a quicker and more comfortable recovery.

Friendly to All:

Our pecanmilk is lactose-free, so no dairy tummy troubles. Plus, it's soy-free and gluten-free. It's basically a win-win for everyone.

Mix and Match:

The best part? You can enjoy Treehouse Pecanmilk any way you like it. Sip it solo, blend it into a tasty post-workout smoothie, or use it as a base for your protein shakes. Its naturally nutty flavor plays nicely with all sorts of ingredients, making it an easy and delicious addition to your recovery routine.

In a nutshell (oof), we're the laid-back, all-natural recovery drink you've been missing out on. We got the goods.

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